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A lot of the music on this page has been used in popular TV shows on IFC, NBC, MTV, Bravo, Viceland, BET, Nat Geo, Discovery, Lifetime, Comedy Central, Netflix, Hulu, We, SPEED, Fuel TV, TLC, Fox Sports, CMTV, MSNBC, OWN, Logo and Telemundo. Now you can hear the songs without dialog on top! If you like post rock bands in the vein of Sigur Ros, the instrumentals on the EP above might appeal to you. Featuring a lot of e-bow, guitar strings being "bowed" with coins, lap steel and slide guitars and other drawn out sounds, the vibe here is decidedly chilled, yet epic. I'm available as a freelance composer for your game/film/thing. I also have a bunch of songs in music libraries, primarily Jingle Punks — just look for 'edlundart.' And, scroll down for more music!


I like to try on different genres when I write music, though in the end it always sounds mostly like me. Palmonice is a non-existent band I made up, producing reggae songs minus the spiritual focus or interest in smoking. These songs are available for licensing through the Jingle Punks library.

Part Time Drum Machine

This EP is the result of a challenge issued to myself — could I make something worthwhile using cheap drum machine sounds for percussion? What about some synth bass samples? I got into a Casio mood and wrote melodies that often echo the cheesiness of the sounds used, yet attempt to stumble upon a dynamic surprise here and there. It was fun making these soundscapes into my cup of tea, by adding in guitars, more natural drum samples, and various other instruments. These songs, and additional cuts from the same project, are available for licensing through the Jingle Punks library.


Many of the songs I write are in the singer-songwriter realm, often coming from a rock perspective, but locked in on the slow ballad setting. These songs are examples of that style. They can be licensed through Jingle Punks as presented here, or as instrumentals — along with dozens of other songs of mine across various genres.

I'm available for freelance work:

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