edlundart musical MIDI keyboard design

most MIDI keyboards look like cheap toy spaceships from 1982

But music production is now a home activity. Here’s a keyboard you’d be proud to have around. It's a sensual musical instrument, but also a sensible object of design.

The design could be modified quite a bit to accommodate real-world considerations. That said, I wouldn't want to overload it with esoteric functionality. If you represent an interested company, get in touch. reception (at) edlundart dot com.
If you're a musician who would like to see this product made, you can help by spreading the word to friends and contacts. Thanks for your interest!

Watch the 3D animation above to get a feel for the keyboard design. The leftmost three and rightmost two keys are actually not keys at all. On the left, they serve as bases for pitch and modulation wheels reimagined as faders. On the right they simply balance the design, though they could potentially be built as selectors/switches.

keyboard faders

A dozen faders at top right can be assigned to perform automation tasks in your software sequencer. Theoretically, the design could accommodate up to 33 beautifully integrated faders.