The Society6 Department

Many artists sell their prints on Society6 for $20, or even $18 or $16. Mine are of the exact same print quality, but start at $35. My bet is this: If you are considering buying a print of a piece I made that you like, you are willing to spend a still reasonable amount that allows me to buy myself brunch at my favorite café. If I can't afford that after making a sale, then what's the point? You might want to follow me on Twitter for occasional rebates and free shipping offers — and thank you so much for your interest and support!

The Etsy Department

These are high quality, made-to-order wrapped canvas prints featuring hassle-free hanging (gallery-strength piano wire on the back, so all you need is a hook/nail or two in the wall). Delivery can take a month or so — I appreciate both your patience and patronship. If you are interested in a listing that has expired, feel free to email me to have it relisted for you.

The CaféPress Department

Get more Franklin the Ladies' Cat gear here!

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