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For Stack Overflow

Short social media loops illustrating interesting questions from Stack Overflow's amazing knowledge base for engineers and programmers.



Commercially available drones could be very effective at detecting land mines. This animation tells the story using an interesting textured style.


For Dot Dot Dot Media

Colorful, animated portraits of influential people in the technology sector interviewed on First Contact, a podcast hosted by iHeartRadio.

Animation character having a heart attack

Independently produced

Mostly true story about a personal health scare (note the asterisk), told with some humor. Selected by YouTube for their coveted Spotlight feature.


For Stack Overflow

Animated films introducing and explaining various products from the 10 million member strong question and answer site for programmers.

The political left and right represented in an illustration

For NBC News

Animated phone interviews of experts explaining various political realities and curiosities ahead of the 2016 Presidential election. 

A police officer in a class room, from an animation by Bard Edlund / EDLUNDART

For The 74

Multimedia video investigating and comparing the number of security officers and counselors employed across the American school system. 

Illustration of two students at their desks

For The 74

Animated trailer for a book called The Founders by Richard Whitmire, about innovative schools and the lessons that can be learned from their founders.

Three robots from an animation about robo advisors, software platforms that manage your money

For Investopedia

Explaining and exploring the topic of robo advisors, or software platforms that manage your investments, with both character work and infographics.

A heart design title screen for animation about a money survey.

For Money Magazine

Features the illustrated and animated results of an interesting survey of American married couples and their attitudes about money.

Two pie charts representing ETFs and mutual funds.

ETFs vs Mutual Funds

For Investopedia

On behalf of Vanguard, this almost minimalistic explainer video tackles the differences between exchange traded funds and mutual funds.


For Capsule8

A collaboration with visual storytelling consultancy Complex Stories, this customizable promo video for a cyber security firm is a play on Pac-Man.


For Fortune

Editable motion graphics templates for effective and flexible production of dozens of multimedia videos for the 2020 Presidential campaign.


Independently produced

Sort of a visual blueprint for a series set on a strange space station, where the astronauts are mostly concerned with mundane minutiae like the rest of us.

A series of iPad tablets with different animations on them.

Clip Collection

For misc. clients

Shorter, looping clips from a range of client projects not showcased elsewhere on the site, as they are a bit outside the EDLUNDART norm.

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