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This page collects shorter clips from a range of client projects not showcased elsewhere on the site. Some of these jobs were smaller parts of a greater whole, while others adhere to styles or art direction outside the EDLUNDART norm. The collection of (looping, soundless) videos is included here to demonstrate a greater flexibility and range than other project pages might suggest.

Sustainability Video for PepsiCo

The 2016 PepsiCo sustainability report featured illustrations produced by the Addison agency. PepsiCo asked EDLUNDART to bring these illustrations to life, each one showing different aspects of the company's environmental efforts. The illustrations were not layered files, and were never intended for animation, so a big part of the challenge was retrofitting and in some cases redrawing the assets to make them work. The clip below is from a video about Tropicana's value chain.

Squarespace: "Design Is Not A Luxury"

The frequent podcast and video advertiser operates with 6 core values guiding their work, one of which is the idea that "design is not a luxury." They asked the popular YouTube creator Wendover Productions to do a video for them on this topic, and I assisted with a couple of animated scenes through my association with Standard Broadcast, which manages the advertising side of Wendover. The clip below illustrates a segment on how a simple paper clip is an example of brilliant everyday design — and how the steel wire it's made from has to be just the right width to function so well.

The Starry Giraffe

To promote Andy Bergmann's children's book The Starry Giraffe (Aladdin/Simon & Schuster), I was asked to animate his characters bopping to a counting song he wrote, teaching young kids to count from 1 to 10. A brief excerpt (sans song) is shown below. Artwork by Andy Bergmann, movement by EDLUNDART.

Airports Video for Wendover

Wendover Productions is a YouTube channel with well over a million subscribers, creating explanatory videos on things like logistics, aviation, geography, and just about anything else. For a video about how airports make money, I contributed animation via Standard Broadcast, including the motion graphics sequence below, for a part of the script detailing how long-distance flights to China make much more economic sense than short domestic flights out of Heathrow. Amsterdam's airport has far more flights to British destinations than Heathrow does.

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