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In this animation for The 74, a comparison is made between cops and counselors in schools. The piece points out that three of the five top school districts in the U.S. employ more security officers than counselors, and looks at the consequences of favoring reactive rather than proactive methods. The client asked for a few video clips and photos to be included, and I blended some 3D graphical elements with 2D animation.

The video was done in record time, but I was nevertheless able to come up with a pretty good mix of data and character work. Matt Barnum did the reporting with help from Mark Keierleber, and Anne Lagamayo produced.

A counselor helps a student in illustration from an animated video
Bookshelf with statistics books, from explainer video
3D table of data from animation by EDLUNDART
People icons emerge from behind statistical numbers
Graphic comparing numbers of security officers vs counselors in schools
Chart showing out-of-school suspensions by race and gender

Given my experience with infographics and visualization, I sometimes get asked by animation clients to mix in some charts and graphs amidst characters and other more narrative elements. It's always an interesting challenge to visually connect these disparate assets, to create cohesive and hopefully informative storytelling.

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