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In collaboration with Complex Stories, a visual and narrative storytelling consultancy, I animated this customizable promo video for cyber security firm Capsule8 (a Complex Stories client). The client is able to send the video to an unlimited list of recipients of their choice, with appropriate personal and company names appearing seamlessly in the video.

The great Complex Stories team came up with the Pac-Man concept, leveraging a Linux penguin as the hero, with visualized cyber threats serving as the game's enemies. I refined the characters and animated them, as well as all other visuals, and built the customization functionality. The overall sound design was also handled by EDLUNDART, including custom-composed music, while Complex Stories managed the voiceover recording.


The majority of EDLUNDART projects are one-man shows, but it's great to be able to collaborate with agencies and creative teams when opportunities arise. Check out more fun projects on the animation page!

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