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Education news website The 74 commissioned this animation to promote a book by Richard Whitmire called The Founders, which examines the success of the best charter schools in the United States through a focus on the people behind them.

A website in support of the book had already been designed, so part of the brief was to work with the established color palette, as my animation would become part of the site. On a majority of EDLUNDART projects, I develop the color palette along with the overall art direction, but it can be fun to work with someone else's palette as well, as it can push the work in surprising directions. In this case, the primary colors are probably a more obvious choice than I might have pursued, and yet it gave me license to go big and bold and playful with a lot of the design.

Animated characters by freelance animator Bård Edlund/EDLUNDART.
Fresh ideas about schools illustrated using a lightbulb.
A network of schools shown as a diagram from an animation.
A student character from an animated book trailer video.

James Fields produced this piece for The 74, which published the book. I'd love to do more book trailers, so get in touch, publishers! And, have a look at more animation projects.

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