Nothing more than a vanity personal project, I decided to design magazines featuring photographs I took on a trip to California and give them to my wife as a memento. Beyond a good gift idea, it was an excellent way to get some experience with editorial print design, even if it's mostly pictures. I put together one magazine for our San Francisco and Bay Area memories, and one for the Los Angeles portion of our sojourn.

The magazines feature many full-bleed photographs with brief informative captions, but also various other layouts, including four-picture spreads, and designs introducing neighborhoods, which incorporate more text. 

One of these days I'd love to edit and design a proper magazine — featuring interesting culture writing and beautiful visuals. I'll probably get around to it at exactly the wrong time, when the financial feasibility of such a project reaches rock bottom. So... get at me, publishers? Or, see more design projects.

Bård Edlund designs and animates for clients worldwide through EDLUNDART,

a multidisciplinary studio in NYC.

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