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Nothing more than a vanity personal project, I decided to design magazines featuring photographs I took on a trip to California and give them to my wife as a memento. Beyond a good gift idea, it was an excellent way to get some experience with editorial print design, even if it's mostly pictures. I put together one magazine for our San Francisco and Bay Area memories, and one for the Los Angeles portion of our sojourn.

Skyline photo of San Francisco in a magazine spread

The magazines feature many full-bleed photographs with brief informative captions, but also various other layouts, including four-picture spreads, and designs introducing neighborhoods, which incorporate more text. 

Print magazine spread with pictures from the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco
Pictures from the Musée Mécanique in SF, in a print magazine design
LA's Culver City is introduced in magazine spread by Bård Edlund
Beverly Hills glitz and glamour represented in magazine design
Images from the Santa Monica Pier

One of these days I'd love to edit and design a proper magazine — featuring interesting culture writing and beautiful visuals. I'll probably get around to it at exactly the wrong time, when the financial feasibility of such a project reaches rock bottom. So... get at me, publishers? Or, see more design projects.

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