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This explainer for Investopedia was designed as an early exploration for a possible new direction for some of the site's videos. Working with a smaller budget, I focused on stylistic coherence as well as big, bold shapes and animation of limited complexity. Caleb Silver put together the script, and delivered the voiceover.

I quite enjoy the simple metallic background I came up with — especially as a device that could be repeated across several videos. It is neutral but nevertheless distinctive, and optically exciting when animating zooms. Even without showing the actual zoom, camera distance from the surface is communicated through the size of the holes, which is just good old-fashioned geometric fun.

Two pie charts, representing ETFs and mutual funds
Animation still showing an imagined investment interface
An ETF chart is determined by an underlying S&P 500 chart.
A bar cart and pie charts from an explainer video by freelance animator Bård Edlund.

This piece is a bit different than most of my animation work, but I enjoyed working without characters or real-world objects, instead relying on basic chart elements and shapes. If you like this, you may enjoy some of my data visualization projects. Or, check out more animation projects.

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