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Military data visualization for


Data animation and 3D storytelling environment to show how the burdens of war are now shouldered by fewer Americans than ever before.

Animated data visualization about the Academy Awards

Independently produced

Animated visualization illustrating the lack of diversity among Oscar nominees ahead of the 2015 and 2016 ceremonies. Acquired by Free Speech TV.

Infographic animation about the stock market


Unique 3D animated data visualization  translating the ups and downs of the 2013 stock market while also turning it into a reggae song. Yes, seriously.

Animated video about the average American house and how it has changed over the years


Animated infographic showing the square footage and various features of the median house evolving over the last four decades in the United States.

Income disparity data visualization


Visualization of salaries accumulating second by second, comparing the incomes of the 1% to a minimum wage earner, in a dramatic fashion.

Circular ice hockey rink from an animation about the Stanley Cup

Independently produced

Celebrated animated ambient data visualization of all goals and penalties of the 2012 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs — with generative music accompaniment.

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