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Photo book designed by EDLUNDART for Doctors Without Borders

For Doctors Without Borders

90-page photo book documenting the history of Doctors Without Borders' work in Nairobi, through the stories of local beneficiaries and stakeholders.


For The Wall Street Journal

Motion design for 44-minute WSJ documentary "31 Days in March," about the coronavirus pandemic's fateful effect on the American economy.


For Dot Dot Dot Media

Colorful, animated portraits of influential people in the technology sector interviewed on First Contact, a podcast hosted by iHeartRadio.

Infographics from health care posters

For Victoria, Australia health care system

Posters for display in hospitals across Victoria, Australia, in collaboration with the brilliant Melbourne-based data visualization studio Flink Labs.

Logo design for documentary feature film "American Anarchist"

For American Anarchist

Title design and animation of the many shots in the documentary feature film of documents, websites, and pages from The Anarchist Cookbook.

Map of the United States of America from poster design about arts funding


11x17 handout for lawmakers showing key facts about state and federal arts funding, for The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies.


For CancerCare

Print calendar promoting CancerCare’s Pet Assistance & Wellness program, designed to assist cancer patients with pet care while they receive treatment.


For Standard Broadcast & StarTalk

Design, hiring and animation direction for the relaunch of the educational show featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic Chuck Nice.


Independently produced

Two print magazines designed for no other reason than the desire to have a personal memento after a great trip to the two California cities.


For Fortune

Editable motion graphics templates for effective and flexible production of dozens of multimedia videos for the 2020 Presidential campaign.


For Fortune

Scrapped version of editable motion graphics templates for the 2020 Presidential campaign. Less on brand, more dimensional. Worth a look.


For Barnard College

Facts and figures from an annual Columbia University fundraising event are presented in a lively way in this illustration for Barnard Magazine.

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