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Heading into the 2020 Presidential race, Fortune commissioned a series of motion graphics templates they could use as part of their videos profiling the many candidates. So-called "mogrts" (motion graphic templates, rhymes with "yoghurts") allow video editors and producers to customize graphics without touching After Effects or other specialized software. This was my first real foray into creating editable templates — an interesting challenge! This page showcases a 3D look and feel we ultimately abandoned in favor of a more on-brand 2D design, shown here. The video below, a quick portfolio presentation with EDLUNDART music added, features the 3D templates, which could be used in any order and quantity to present information about the profiled candidate.

In addition to having editable text fields, I built in checkboxes that allowed producers to switch text color and graphic elements depending on the candidate's party affiliation, as well as slider controls to adjust the opacity of dark gradients designed to make overlay text more readable. For some of the templates, the layout could also be tweaked.

Essential Graphics motion graphics template by freelance designer
Customizable Presidential candidate graphic
Editable graphic for Fortune video producers
3D motion graphics template by freelance designer
USA flag graphic by freelancer Bard Edlund
American flag graphic by EDLUNDART
3D graphic flag with editable text by freelance motion designer

This project definitely lives at the intersection of animation and design, which is why I'm including it on both portfolio pages here. Make sure you check out the 2D templates we ended up going with as well — they have a lot of the same functionality, but a different visual feel, more in conversation with the aesthetic favored by the print magazine. For more mogrt magic, you may also be interested in a project I did for DJI, the drone-maker, which allows them to publish my animation in any language.

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