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Working with Standard Broadcast and the StarTalk production team, as well as researchers and leaders at sponsor Brilliant, I hired for and led the design and animation efforts behind the relaunch of StarTalk starring Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic Chuck Nice. Creatively, my main focus was on the overall graphics package for the show — lower thirds, title screens, end screens, transitions, and other design elements.

For the design of the show, we were limited by assets such as the hard-for-designers-to-love logo — but we paired it with a typeface that echoes the feel while pulling back a bit, let's say. Since the show is a mix of casual live action conversation and animated explainers, we devised a graphical framework that eases the transition between the two worlds, making them feel more integrated. The credits screen leaves plenty of space on the right, for producers to insert visual links to other episodes, subscription buttons, and the like. The little orbiting planet, a recurring motif, leads the eye towards those choices.

StarTalk title screen with logo
Neil deGrasse Tyson and Chuck Nice on set of StarTalk
Still from YouTube science video
Video credits screen designed by animation director Bard Edlund

The premiere episodes of this relaunch effort quickly blazed well past 1 million views, more than doubling former StarTalk records. YouTube featured one of the videos as part of their renewed focus on educational content.

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