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In collaboration with WSJ Films, an Emmy-nominated unit that produces ambitious documentaries and video series for The Wall Street Journal, EDLUNDART designed motion graphics for the 44 minute documentary 31 Days in March — about how the coronavirus pandemic ripped through American business during the fateful month of March 2020. A short clip featuring some of the motion design from the project is included below, set to an unrelated EDLUNDART piece of music.

The film tells its story through first-hand accounts of 12 prominent executives at companies including 3M, JPMorgan Chase, JetBlue, the NBA, Goldman Sachs, Procter & Gamble, IMAX, and Toyota. My contributions included news headline collages, animated financial charts, lower third graphics, credits, and a handful of other bits and pieces. You can watch the film on the WSJ website or right on this page using the YouTube player below.


I worked most closely with Senior Producer Frank Matt, and Executive Producer Robert Libetti — but it was interesting to be a part of this whole talented team (including Archival Producer Kate Ferraguto and Editor Darnell Stalworth) and seeing how they work. I'm a big fan of documentaries, so it's fun for me to be able to work on one now and then. I previously worked on Oscar-nominated filmmaker Charlie Siskel's American Anarchist, and you may also find my work with Vox on this video about the military-civilian divide interesting.

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