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CancerCare is a national non-profit organization that provides supportive services and information to help people manage the emotional, practical, and financial challenges of cancer. Services include counseling, support groups, education, and financial assistance. I designed a calendar to promote CancerCare’s PAW (Pet Assistance & Wellness), a newly developed program designed to assist cancer patients with pet care while they receive treatment. The calendar will be handed out at events and meetings as promotional material for the program.

Print design: Pet calendars for CanceCare non-profit

The calendar features pet photos submitted by CancerCare employees, which meant that photo quality was highly variable, both in technical and aesthetic terms. To make the photos work together as a whole, I modeled folded paper in 3D, and created a consistent virtual lighting scheme so that the photos felt more like they were all displayed in the same environment. I added little corner marks to each photo, invoking the act of taking a picture — a gentle nod to the fact that these are amateur photos, as well as a way to bring in a unifying accent color.

Cut dog on calendar page designed by EDLUNDART
Calendar month grid design

Since just about every calendar out there looks the same, I wanted to play with the calendar grid, and designed a slightly skewed look that echoes the folded paper look used to present the photographs. Hopefully, the result is a holistic design, and one that is just a touch more interesting than it needed to be.

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