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Upon delivering a series of animated Instagram loops for Columbia University's Barnard College, EDLUNDART was asked to follow that up with an infographic illustration for Barnard Magazine (a mockup of the magazine spread with Lorem Ipsum text can be seen above). Both projects centered around their 2019 Giving Day fundraising event, with the infographic summing up the results. The client originally asked for a more traditional infographic comprised of various data points presented in a sort of collage, but I ended up proposing this all-in-one-perspective layout, so that everything is presented in one cohesive scene. It's a more chaotic and noisy sort of design than I would normally do, but I think it invites the viewer to scan around the page and study the different parts a bit, in an almost "Where's Waldo?" fashion.


A challenging part of this project was that I had to construct the overall layout and get the illustration started while data was still coming in. We had a relatively tight deadline. I created a sketch in my 3D program of choice (Blender), to work out the perspective of the elements, in such a way that swapping in or adjusting data would be easier. The final piece is a 2D Illustrator drawing, based off the 3D sketch.


The confetti being cleaned up was a reference to the animated loops I had done for the event — one of them featured confetti being thrown in celebration, so it seemed like a fun idea to show the aftermath of that in this piece!


Barnard Communications Creative Director David Hopson guided this project in collaboration with Matt Hamilton and Hannah Graham (respectively, Director and Manager, Development and Alumnae Relations).

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