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Robo advisors, or software platforms that manage your investments, were the topic for this animation for Investopedia. The piece discusses how younger people are more inclined to rely on algorithms than human financial advisors, especially since losing trust in the financial system after the 2008 recession.

I combined character work with infographics, incorporating some 3D physics into my mostly 2D look, and even baked in some video footage, while keeping the art direction consistent. Caleb Silver wrote the script and recorded the voiceover.

Coins fall into a tray as part of data visualization
Illustration showing financial advisor with elderly client
Still from animation about robo advisors
Laptop with financial information, illustrated by EDLUNDART

I'm pretty obsessed with robots, especially the humanoid kind, so it was good fun to turn these software solutions into physical robots for illustrative purposes. Hope I'll get a chance to do some more robot animation work in the future! Until then, have a look at more interesting projects on the animation page.

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