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Kibera Photo Book
Design of 90-page photo book for Doctors Without Borders, documenting 20 years of important work in Nairobi, Kenya.

I Had a Heart Attack*
Mostly true animated story about a personal health scare, told with some humor. Selected by YouTube for their Spotlight feature.

ETFs vs. Mutual Funds
A look at Exchange Traded Funds and how they compare to mutual funds. Animated explainer video for Investopedia.

Nebula One
Good-looking, independently produced animated series set on a strange space station, featuring three quick episodes in one video.

Rise of the Robos
Animation for Investopedia, explaining and exploring the topic of robo advisors, or software platforms that manage your investments.

American Anarchist
Design and animation for theatrical release documentary feature film which premiered at the Venice International Film Festival.

The Founders Book Trailer
Animation promoting a new book called The Founders by Richard Whitmire, commissioned by education news website The 74.

Barnard College Matriculation
GIFs alternating between interesting student factoids and an animated illustration relevant to a member of Barnard's Class of 2020.

Cops in Schools
Animated video comparing the number of cops and counselors employed across the American school system. Client: The 74.

The Military-Civilian Divide
3D data animation and visualization for Vox.com on how the burdens of war are shouldered by fewer Americans than ever before.

Why Blue Republicans Win
Animated phone interview for NBC News, explaining a curious facet of delegate math that tends to favor more moderate candidates.

Iowa Caucuses
Animation in the same series for NBC News, about how caucuses work, and how they typically pull voters away from the center.

Hep C Drug Costs
Illustrative social media campaign for Doctors Without Borders, about the prohibitive prices of new Hepatitis C medicines.

Super PACs
Another animated explainer video for NBC News, on differences in media advertising costs for political campaigns and super PACs.

Healthcare Posters
Hospital performance infographic posters for the Australian healthcare system, in collaboration with Melbourne-based Flink Labs.

3P Project
Animation for Doctors Without Borders, explaining an initiative pushing for a better approach to TB drug development.

40 Years of the American Home
Animated infographic for CNNMoney, detailing changes to new single-family homes in the United States over the last four decades.

Music Festival Guide
Animated GIF illustrations for International Business Times, for an extensive interactive guide of summer music festivals.

Diversity at the Oscars
Animated visualization showing the racial disparity of winners throughout history in the top categories at the Academy Awards.

Origin Energy
Art direction and design for social media dashboards by Flink Labs, for large screens at the Origin Energy headquarters in Sydney.

Love & Money
Animation with infographics for Money Magazine based on an interesting survey of married couples and their attitudes about money.

GM CEO Mary Barra
Animation for Fortune Magazine, complementing an exclusive audio interview with the automotive executive.

Market Music
The stock market translated into a reggae song and 3D animation for CNNMoney, later exhibited at the Droog Gallery in Amsterdam.

Sixty Seconds of Salary
Data visualization comparing salaries accumulating in real-time. Done for CNNMoney, later exhibited at Time Warner Center in New York.

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