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Savings/Compound Interest
Animation for NBC News explaining the mystical power of compound interest, and why you should start saving for retirement now.

Diversity at the Oscars
Animated visualization showing the racial disparity of winners throughout history in the top categories at the Academy Awards.

Tax Tips
Illustrative animated sequences designed to add some interest to a series of three tax tips videos produced by Money Magazine.

Origin Energy
Art direction and design for social media dashboards by Melbourne-based Flink Labs, for the Origin Energy headquarters in Sydney.

Love & Money
Animation with infographics for Money Magazine based on an interesting survey of married couples and their attitudes about money.

GM CEO Mary Barra
Animation for Fortune Magazine, complementing an exclusive audio interview with the automotive executive.

Straight Outta Downton
Very silly cartoon rap video spoof, mashing up the TV show Downton Abbey and N.W.A's "Straight Outta Compton."

Market Music
The stock market translated into a reggae song and 3D animation for CNNMoney, later exhibited at the Droog Gallery in Amsterdam.

Animated cartoon for the 100th episode of the Vergecast, the popular tech and culture video podcast from The Verge.

Sixty Seconds of Salary
Data visualization comparing salaries accumulating in real-time. Done for CNNMoney, later exhibited at Time Warner Center in New York.

Franklin the Ladies' Cat
Original, somewhat saucy animated series about a lovable cat who knows how to woo the ladies. Successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Stanley Cup Summed Up
Celebrated ambient data visualization of all the goals and penalties of the 2012 NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, set to data-driven music.

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